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Heather and Riley among the irises at Founders' Park. May 25, 2014.  ©

Heather and Riley among the irises at Founders’ Park. May 25, 2014. ©  Paul Goldfinger photo.

When Heather, age 24 and her 28 year old roommate moved into Asbury Park six months ago, they thought that they had made a perfect decision for their needs, but they were unhappy there for a variety of reasons including concerns about safety and friendliness.    Three months ago they moved to Ocean Grove, and now they are so happy here that they want to buy their own home in the Grove  someday; perhaps they’ll be ready in three years.

Meanwhile Heather, a bartender who commutes to Philly for work, says, “We love it here in Ocean Grove.”   She says that it is “beautiful” and people are” friendly.” Heather finds the town to be quiet and reassuring.  She is not afraid to walk her dog Riley in the evening, and when they go to Founders’ Park she meets others who form a dog-friendly community.  Heather likes living in a place that has a history and she would like to learn more about that.


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