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The water motif is appropriate for a guy named Noah.

Noah. Blogfinger photograph. May, 2019.


TOM SHARPSTEEN AND HIS ORLANDOS  (From the soundtrack of the film You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger.)


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And here is John Lithgow performing this song as it should be done  (From the King and I:)


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Noah discovers Pop Pop’s head. 10 weeks old. But really, he is looking at the overhead fan–utterly fanscinating.

THE GREENCARDS  “Fascination.”

“A bird lands on my window sill
Sweetest thing i ever seen
As he flies away i will
Wonder what he made of me.”

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Tummy Time” Noah, take a look around and see all the stuff Mom got at the shower. © Jun 28, 2018. Look at Grandpops passed out on the floor.


MIDNIGHT SERENADERS   “Baby (Darlin’) Baby




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