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After the shock of  the Manchester’s 2010 disastrous fire, we now in  2011, see the rebuilding of lives and houses at the Manchester site. What can anyone say to those who have experienced the violent loss of their homes and treasured possessions?  It’s not even the objects—it’s the trauma to those who lived in those homes. It’s the memories of lives spent within structures that, in many cases, protected multiple generations going back well over one hundred years.   But, thankfully, no one died or was badly hurt.

The houses rising out of the ashes on Ocean Pathway  and Bath Avenue give testimony to the power of faith.  Here is Leon Redbone bringing us a song on that subject.  It was first sung by Jiminy Cricket in the 1940 movie Pinocchio. Leigh Harbine and Ned Washington wrote this iconic and inspiring song.

Paul Goldfinger

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