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Robert Downey Jr. produces and stars in The Judge.  He portrays a true legal shark.  Circling his prey and taking large bites out of his adversary and the system.  Never in the name of justice.  As his character says, “Everyone wants Atticus Finch, until they find a dead hooker in the bathroom.” “Innocent people can’t afford him.”

Then there is a death in the family.  The son, Robert Downey, Jr. comes home.  The Judge, Robert Duval, his father, and he have barely have spoken to each other for many years.  The son then has to defend his father for murder.

So many times Hollywood glamorizes the legal profession and the trials depicted.  It’s all about show business with little contact with reality. Not so with The Judge.  Reality truly is depicted in this movie.  A trial does take place and results in a believable outcome.  Realism carries throughout the film, even as the Judge himself slowly is eaten away by his illness.  His post chemotherapy physical reactions are the most graphic depicted on the screen.

Ultimately  this movie is about a family.  What mistakes they make.  The silences that are deafening.  The wounds that fester.  The love that still remains.

Review by Ross R. Anzaldi, New Jersey Superior Court Judge (Ret.)

L’ORCHESTRA CINEMATIQUE.  “Hills to Climb.” From The Judge trailer.

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