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By Kathy Arlt, Contributing writer @Blogfinger

A couple of months ago, when Linda Roberts discovered an assortment of items in the small cottage attached to her main house on Mt. Hermon Way, she wasn’t too surprised. Linda was an old hand at finding things that had been lost or left behind. Tucked away inside the kitchen cabinets at her previous Ocean Grove address, on Asbury Avenue, were these three beer steins. (We can only speculate about why three beer steins would be in any Ocean Grove kitchen, let alone what led to them being left behind.)

It was where she made her next find that surprised her. All the items below were found underneath some of those classic old metal kitchen cabinets. “The cabinets had been flush against the wall and had molding around the tops and bottoms, insuring that nothing could fall down behind them or get swept underneath them,” Linda says. “Perhaps this was someone’s idea of a time capsule?”

For a time capsule, it’s a pretty random selection: a 1961 calendar from Schriever’s Poultry Farm, an invitation to a wedding in Philadelphia in 1959, a letter written in 1961 from Emmina to Lily, two Christian study guides, a page of First Presbyterian Church study items, an Arrow Shirts cardboard insert and a small pressed-wood checkerboard that reads “Made in Sweden” on the back. My favorite item is this 1960 recipe page torn from a 1960 calendar, which raises a couple of questions. Is pizza considered “Foreign Fare” in 2012? Will those meatballs taste like the ones at IKEA? (And don’t they look appetizing.)

The main house, however, was not to be outdone in the discovery department. During the course of a thorough 1998 renovation, Linda demolished an awkwardly placed coat closet that a previous owner had built into a corner of the dining room. Luckily for Linda—and her house—an absolutely perfect replacement for that closet was located right downstairs in her basement. It was the twin of the corner cabinet on the other side of the room, thoughtfully stored away by the closet builder.

“I don’t think I’ll find anything else here,” Linda says. “But who knows?”

Main House, Mt. Hermon Way

Cottage entrance on Benson Ave.

Come on, Blogfinger readers, share your house secrets with us. We’ll happily write up your story of discovery and take photos of your finds. All you have to do is send an e-mail to kathyarlt@hotmail.com.


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