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By Paul Goldfinger,  Editor  @Blogfinger

In recent years, most of Woody’s films have been shot in Europe. Magic in the Moonlight is beautifully filmed in the south of France by Darius Hondji who also was the cinematographer for  “Midnight in Paris,” a more successful Woody film.

The story is set in 1928 among the expatriate Brits and Americans who enjoy the Roaring Twenties from their vantage point at the French Riviera.   Beside the gorgeous photography, there are the usual Woody strong points of lighting, clothing, homes of the wealthy and fine period music.  But the plot is only mildly interesting and, at times, cumbersome.   There are some classic Woody funny lines, but not enough of them.  Woody, himself, is not in this movie.

The story is about an Englishman who is a famous magician played by Colin Firth who seems to be in any English role ever devised, especially when it is about the upper classes.  His character , Stanley Crawford,  is well known for being a guy who can tell a phony psychic when he sees one.  Stanley is  an annoying, sarcastic, critical person who is asked to help a wealthy American family which has fallen under the spell of a young and attractive psychic named Sophie, played by Emma Stone.

Stone, age 25,  is mesmerizing in her roll because of her edgy acting and her red hair and big green eyes.   Her wardrobe is worth the price of admission.   She does a great job of  confounding Stanley’s efforts to prove that her conjuring skills are phony.  But Stanley becomes attracted to her  and he has trouble proving that she is an impostor. I must admit that I fell asleep a couple of times during some ponderous conversations.

A subplot brings up the possibility of a romance between Stanley and Sophie.  That plot line is sort of spoiled by the 25 year age difference between them .

One critic who is a Woody fan said that Woody is not over the hill;  he merely had “an off day.”  We gave Magic in the Moonlight 3 Blogfingers.

CHICK ENDOR:   This song plays throughout the film, but the movie  soundtrack is not yet available.


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