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Photo by Lee Morgan, Blogfinger staff. ©  March 6, 2015

Photo by Lee Morgan, Blogfinger staff. © March 6, 2015

Text, photo and music selection by Lee Morgan, Blogfinger staff.

It’s Friday afternoon in early March. I found myself walking up Broadway and stopped across from Lincoln Center.  Turning around 360 degrees , it occurred to me that NYC isn’t unlike Ocean Grove this time of year.  I was struck by the lack of activity.  A few cars were heading north and the occasional strolling pedestrian seemed to enjoy being outside. Thought I would ask one of the few passers-by what corner around which spring might be found.  Suddenly I looked south towards Columbus Circle and was struck by the sunlight on the facades of the skyscrapers.  I imagined the warmth we would all feel when we find that elusive  corner.  Shaking my head I smiled and thought about trying to find that corner myself.

BENNY CARTER and his orchestra.   “I’ll be Around.”   from the album  New Jazz Sounds–the Benny Carter Verve Story

The year was 1944. Composer and lyricist Alec Wagner, while riding in a cab, suddenly had the idea for “I’ll Be Around.” He scribbled it on an envelope and later noticed his note when he was about to discard it. Story goes that since he was near a piano, he quickly wrote the melody by using the title phrase as an opener.
This cover is by Benny Carter and his orchestra from the album Benny Carter: New Jazz Sounds/The Urbane Sessions. They do not disappoint! Smooth orchestral arrangements from the 50s. Alto Saxophonist Benny Carter played a significant role in the Jazz world from the 30s to the 90s.

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