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We'll get Chico, our investigative reporter to sniff this out. Blogfinger photo.

We’ll get Chico, our investigative reporter, to sniff this out. Blogfinger photo.


May 24, 2016:       I am sure you are busy today but I just heard that there is to be a meeting today with the CMA and interested parties to discuss and negotiate the new ground rent fees.
Apparently the Carriage Inn was surprised at the closing of their purchase by the cost increase of ground rent and givebacks which were required.
Seems like a gag order is in place.
Might be worth checking with the Chamber or local realtors
Seems like an important  story for Ocean Grove.

Anybody out there know what’s going on?

From Curious Lately

Editor’s Note: We know that these increases pertain to commercial real estate and not to private homes.  Of course, any new homes including condominiums are subject to substantial land lease increases on top of their real estate taxes.    –Paul  @Blogfinger

6/3/16    Because of renewed interest in this subject, we have moved this post to near the top.—PG


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