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By Kathy Arlt, Contributing Writer  @Blogfinger   Re-posted from 2012 on Blogfinger.net

Last time I focused on the Camp Meeting Association tent sites along Wesley and Fletcher Lakes, but this final installment of tenting features some very old photos of tents that were probably outside the CMA campgrounds. They also show why the second noun in our town’s name is “Grove.”

Look at all those trees! There might be as many trees in these two photographs as there are in all of Ocean Grove today. Also notice the two styles of tents in the photos, and the rather large number of people staying in them.

But what you really want to see—and the reason I started writing this series—is a tent that became a house. So here it is: 67 Mt. Hermon Way, on the right in this photo, back when it was a tent.

And here it is today, still looking remarkably tent-like.

Are there other houses that were once tents? The answer is definitely yes, and maybe some Blogfinger readers can tell us where they are.

IRA D. SANKEY   Recoded on wax tubes in the Great Auditorium between 1890 and 1900.  From the recordings called “Wax the Gospels”  It won a Grammy recently.

“The Homeland.”


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