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We have received a note from an Ocean Grover who wishes to remain anonymous.  His/her composition is brief, but despite that, it is important and it is one of those quality-of-life issues that no one has spoken about publicly in the past, on this blog.

The author said, in an email, “There is a dilemma on my street and I’m hoping to get some feedback from other Grovers on how to handle it in a ‘humane’ manner (without using my name).”
So here we go again: there’s always something, and we like when that happens:      PG

“Close Encounters of the Snookie Kind”   By Anonymous.

The new kids on my block are summer week-enders.  So far, the invasion seems to strike from Thursday into Friday. Twice within the past few weeks, I’ve awoken past midnight to the sounds of bass-lines a-bumpin and car doors a-slammin. Drunken laughter and loud voices of male and female minors, old enough to be parent-free and immature enough to wreak havoc on the over forty, slumbering, non-partying, cop-calling neighbors. I realized at daybreak that in my delirious, exhaustive state I actually dropped a loud “F-Bomb” (to quote Paul Goldfinger) out the window. Surrounding neighbors responded in like kind. Instead of acknowledging “Snookies” verbal left hook, I took my pillow and blankies to the spare bedroom in the northwest end. Did I miss something or has Ocean Grove become the new Belmar? How do we make it stop?

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