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Tessla electric car charging curbside in the Grove. 6/12/18 Blogfinger photo©


By Paul Goldfinger    Blogfinger.net

There are a few all-electric cars already in the Grove.  Soon Tessla will be delivering its “affordable” model which will sell for about $35,000.   About 350,000 people have placed deposits of $1,000.00 on the first ones to be delivered in the US.

This Tessla owner has received permission to run a pipe under the sidewalk from the main charging console on the side of his house to the curb.  He then runs an electric charging cable from the side unit out to the curb where it  pops out of the pipe for plugging into the vehicle.  The charge takes 3-4 hours.  He says that the cost of electricity is modest.

ELTON JOHN  “Electricity”   from the movie Billy Elliot–the Musical.

“And suddenly I’m flying
Flying like a bird
Like electricity
Sparks inside of me
And i’m free, I’m free”

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