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Duck soup?  Photo by Phil Smith of Ocean Grove.

Duck soup? Photo by Phil Smith of Ocean Grove.

From Teresa Raziano:    “Hi! We live on Franklin Ave ( in the summer/ and when we can get down the rest of the year) love your blog.      I have some lovely pictures of the white ducks and ducklings on Fletcher Lake . They were born in August (18 of them) and i haven’t been down in a while. Do you know what became of them?? I was worried they wouldn’t survive the cold as they were small.   They tend to hang out in the bushes up by Inskip ave. Thanks! Teresa”


“Teresa- I live on Clark Ave. and have seen the ducklings in Fletcher Lake as well. I just went over there on Monday and they are still there, but are now white like their mama duck. So cute!”


” As for the white geese and gooslings (as I think they are), there were two “mama’s” who had 21 between them. They teamed up on the mothering duties (it takes a village?), however life has trimmed them down to 16. Another “mom”, perhaps a week or so later had 6, but they are now 3. It is lovely to watch them as they travel around the Lake and FAM. We too wonder if they will handle the winter. Hope so. There are some folks who do bring by crack corn I believe, but I am leary of the folks that just throw out bread, which I believe is not a healthy plan for them. Also, if you are driving on Central Ave or Fletcher Lake Ave, PLEASE DRIVE SLOW AND CAREFULLY. At least one of the little guys was run over while trying to keep up with his family!”


“The busy Boston streets are too dangerous for eight little ducklings! But with a little help from a friendly policeman Mrs. Mallard and her family arrive safely at their new home. The public garden was no place for ducklings when they were first born, but now they are old enough to brave the raucous crowds and swim with the giant swan boats. Available for the first time in a full-size paperback edition, this Caldecott winning classic continues to delight generations of children”

Caldecott  winning kids book from 1941.

Caldecott winning kids book from 1941.

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