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Blogfinger has been in touch with the DEP regarding the OGNED application for North End Approval.  OGNED has already received two deficiency letters about a variety of items, but the most interesting is the rejection of plans for an underground parking garage as stipulated  in the Neptune approved 2008 site plan for the North End.

Below is the latest word from the DEP to us—dated July 16, 2020.

“Representatives with the DEP’s Land Resource Protection division met with the applicant on June 16 to discuss the deficiency issues in their application. During that discussion, the applicant indicated they would address the issues of concern. At this time, DEP has received no additional information from the applicant.”

Editor’s note:  A month has gone by suggesting that OGNED is having trouble responding to DEP.

EARL HINES AND ORCHESTRA featuring Billy Eckstine.   From the movie “The War.”  The skylark reminds us to think of the environment  as we consider what should be done at the OG North End.


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