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Dahlias from Eileen’s garden. Reposted from June 14, 2012. Ocean Grove, New Jersey. iPhone4S photo by Paul @Blogfinger

By Eileen Goldfinger, house and garden editor @Blogfinger

I love dahlias in my garden because they bloom from June until the frost. They are tubers, and unless you bring them into the house for the winter, they will not survive. But last fall I left some in the ground, expecting that they would have to be replaced this spring, but because of the mild winter, we have had some return and bloom this month in the front beds, which have a southern exposure.

Also coming up this month are the daylilies, which are perennials that return year after year. Each bloom lasts one day, and the plant continues to bloom for 1-5 weeks.

Daylilies. These daylilies were planted in Chester, NJ in 1985, transplanted to Heck Avenue in 1998, and then brought over to Mt. Hermon Way in 2002.


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