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The Blogfinger herd of cows after a long afternoon of processing comments on BF. They say, “Eat mor chikin.”   BF photo, 2017.


1. After a trial of nearly 4 months, Blogfinger will stop the advertising. The blog will look much better without it.

2.  From Jennifer of OG:  “Hi there, I wanted to write you – to acknowledge 3 young sweet girls who have volunteered to help clean the catch basin in Fletcher Lake. While driving passed the Lake today, we saw the girls, named – Linka, Gabby, & Faith removing plastic bottles, soda cans, junk food bags, etc. We were really were impressed by their drive and desire to help clean up our Lake. We donated $20. for their efforts. They deserve to be acknowledged and honored for their hard work, while even working with smiles.”

3.   Town-wide yard sale remains without a sponsor:  We have had some inquiries to participate in the event.  But despite the success of this tradition, no individual, or group of people, or OG organization was willing to take over sponsorship of this worthwhile event. The town-wide yard sale is for the people of the Grove—something that is fun, rewarding , social, necessary, but evidently not appreciated enough.

I would suggest that the concept could work somewhat anyhow if enough of you scheduled your yard sales on the traditional date of the Mother’s Day weekend Saturday—-May 13, 2017.   If any of you do that, please send me your information to post  (name or not, address, cross street, and items for sale.)  What will be missing will be  the sense of a community hosting an organized event, people to deal with  publicity, promotions, word-of-mouth advertising, fliers, take-charge, field inquiries, etc.

Incidentally, the same problem is with the People’s Garden Tour which BF founded as an event for the citizens to enjoy  (ie visiting each other’s gardens).  But again, no one ran with the ball.  If anyone is interested in organizing this activity you can contact Miss Peggy at the Woman’s Club of OG.  June is the best time because it will be busting out all over.

4.  In December 2016, a letter to the editor by Jack Bredin was posted.  He spoke about his concerns regarding Wesley Lake, and some of that discussion was new to many of us.  Today, we received a response from a member of the Wesley Lake Commission. Doug McQueen commented under that December post.  The exchange is worth reading if you care about the Lake.  Just click on the link below and go to comments at the lower right hand corner.

Wesley Lake letter to the BF editor Dec, 2016

5.   Song of the Week with Count Basie and Joe Williams  (a 1956 recording of a 1942 movie song)


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