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At the Saturday Home Owner’s meeting, someone noted that Neptune Township was already merging recyclables, even before the new “single stream” system could be implemented. It’s likely that some homeowners came to the conclusion that they could start now mingling their recyclables.

Wayne Rode, the supervisor of Neptune Public Works, said today that the reason for the merging that is currently occurring is that two of the three compartmentalized collection vehicles have “mechanical” problems. That is why regular rear-loading trucks are currently being used to pick up the sorted recyclables. As soon as those truck issues are resolved, the usual compartmentalized collection of segregated recyclables will be resumed.

Mr. Rode asked that all Ocean Grove citizens continue to sort their recyclables, in order to avoid confusion that might occur if we go back and forth with recycling modes.

He also said that Ocean Grove will not have to receive new large pails when the new program is instituted. Instead, the plan will be to use the existing medium-sized green pails (which currently are not being distributed) and to give OG homeowners two pails each for the unsorted recyclables. —PG

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