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March 5.  The Asbury Park Press reported this story today. Below  is a link to read about this remarkable event.  If you have any first-hand knowledge, photos  or comments, please click on our comments button below or send an email to blogfinger@verizon.net.

Here is the link . Click on it, but don’t bang on your computer. Don’t kill the messenger.

Cars towed in the Grove APP

Editorial:    Mayor Brantley:  Why weren’t we all informed by the town that this tow-truck sneak-attack  was going to occur?  The town should have announced loudly that they were going to actually implement the ordinance this time. This thing comes across like a covert operation.    The Mayor hides behind the ordinance, but how about giving us a break  Mayor?  Did you really have to tow these cars after that puny snow storm ?  How about some common sense at Town Hall?  

Mayor: Do you actually know anybody who lives in Ocean Grove?  We are people, not some abstract concept in your book of ordinances.  How about coming to town today and explain to Grovers the erratic enforcement of ordinances and the bully tactics on your watch in our town.  Grovers should march to the Mother Ship and occupy your office.  

Fellow citizens:    It’s really disappointing to me that no one informed us of this story.  If just one person who was towed had contacted us, we could have had this story up two days ago and warned everyone about the invasion of the car snatchers.  We can’t succeed as a reliable source of OG news without the help of the public!

——Paul Goldfinger, Editor

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