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OceanGrove pier during Hurricane Irene in 2011. Ted Aanensen photo, blogfinger staff ©

Ocean Grove pier during Hurricane Irene in 2011. The waters were also dangerous over the Labor Day weekend 2016.  Ted Aanensen photo, Blogfinger staff ©

Body recovered 9/14/16 APP photo.

Body recovered 9/14/16 APP photo.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

The Neptune Township Police Dept has confirmed that a body was found on the Ocean Grove beach near Atlantic Avenue on Wednesday afternoon, September 14, 2016.   The Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office is involved and “will release any further information.”

Blogfinger has spoken to some local sources who tell us that the body, buried under a sand dune, was discovered after board walkers noted a terrible  odor.


Neighbors on Heck Avenue report that an Ocean Grove man, Richard Morton, had been missing for two weeks—last seen Aug. 25.  Posters appeared  (see above; click to enlarge) around town over the Labor Day weekend regarding his disappearance. That weekend the waters off Ocean Grove were very dangerous due to tropical storm Hermine.  Neighbors are suspicious that the body may be his, and that there might have been foul play.

Facebook photo of the missing Richard Morton. Undated.

Facebook photo of the missing Richard Morton. Undated.

Mr. Morton, a clothing salesman about age 60, had been acting “strangely”  prior to his disappearance according to his family. He is not married, but he is close to his extended family, which reported his disappearance.

Mr. Morton is described as a kind, elegantly dressed and dignified person who drove a car to work 6 days per week. Those who know him say that he loved to collect rocks on the beach.

Speculation is growing regarding this matter by those close to the situation. Comments have already appeared on Facebook and Google searches. A cousin, Patrick Mackin, has indicated on Facebook that the body is that of Richard Morton.

Editor’s note:  On Sept. 15, the County Prosecutor confirmed the identity of the deceased as being that of Richard Morton. Foul play is not suspected as of now. 


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