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Sand replenishment. Ocean Grove.  Bob Bowne photo Jan 17, 2014  ©

It begins—on a sunny day in the fog. Ocean Grove. Bob Bowne photo Jan 17, 2014 ©


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J.P. Gradone (L) COO and Dale Whilden, President at work at the OGCMA offices. DEc, 2013.  Paul Goldfinger photo.

J.P. Gradone (L) COO and Dale Whilden, President, at work at the OGCMA offices. Dec 11, 2013. Paul Goldfinger photo. ©

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

Mr. J.P. Gradone, the new COO/Executive Director of the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association, moved into town in November with his wife Cheryl  (pronounced CHeryl–like CHerry) and began work at Pitman and Pilgrim.  He has a lovely office on the corner, so he can look in two directions at the visual delights of Auditorium Park and a beauty parlor.   The Gradones moved here from Tennessee where he presided over a 3,000 member church and Christian school.  (BF link about JP Gradone ).  His name is really John Paul  (Mrs. Gradone gave us that scoop).  She calls him “J.P.”  I don’t have a middle name, so I told her to call me” P”

His predecessor interim  COO Ralph del Campo has been running with the FEMA ball for over one year, and now he has first and goal, so he will stay in the game, and Mr. Gradone will work on other tasks such as beach replenishment and warming up the place kicker.

Unknown-7Mr. Gradone just came back from a meeting about the Ocean Grove part of the beach replenishment project. He said that he received “quite an education” on the subject at the meeting which was attended by the Dept. of Environmental Protection and experts regarding the Transatlantic Cable.  Oddly enough the telecommunication cable travels over 8,000 miles to wind up in Avon-By-the-Sea of all places—at Sylvan Lake— New Jersey.  Mr. Gradone was astonished to learn this news, and so were we.

They must have great TV reception over there in Avon. The TA Cable will be carefully protected during work on the Avon beach.   No wonder that blue heron showed up there .  Even the birds are amazed!  (On BF  Carl finds a bird  )

The project is finishing up near Sandy Hook and Long Branch and will then move south to Avon-By-the-Cable.  Then they will head north again and get to Bradley Beach followed by Ocean Grove.

When the Army Corps starts work here  they will rope off 1000 ft. at a time, but the rest of the beach will be accessible to walkers. The work should be started “sometime after the first of the year.” We expect that would be 2014.

Grovers down by the beach can expect some noise and some sand up their noses.  The Army Corps will work 24/7,  so Mr. Gradone thanks you in advance for “your patience.”  He says it won’t be too bad.  When that noise arrives, you will probably wish you lived across from the Stone Pony.

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