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K Main Avenue in Ocean Grove. March 22, 2018. Jean Bredin © Blogfinger staff

Editor’s Note:   Jean came upon this scene early this morning. No police or others were around, but clearly a large branch had broken off a Bradford Pear.  This tree species has soft  branches which often break off.  They require proper pruning.

The heavy snow probably contributed, and we saw some wires hanging low due to snow collection—in A. Park.

Who is responsible for making the Grove’s trees safe?  In Firemen’s Park, managed by Neptune Township,  there is an old giant tree near the gazebo where kids wait for the school bus. Some years ago a large branch fell there, but luckily, no one was around.  The big branch over the gazebo should be removed.  Why don’t the parents speak up?

THE VEILS:  “Under the Falling Branches.”     This song by the Veils, an Indie rock group from London, mentions falling branches and a canopy of snow. Listen for the cello.

It is a love song where the branches provide comfort and security.  Not in the case of the damaged car.

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