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Are the winds of zoning changes blowing again in the Grove? Are such changes good for the town? Paul Goldfinger photo © Blogfinger.net  Click to Seymour.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

We have some credible information about the Aurora Hotel, #6 Atlantic Avenue in Ocean Grove,  which has been for sale for several years.

In a recent Blogfinger article we noted that the majestic old hotel, currently officially registered as a single family home, would have to get some variances if a new owner wanted to do something with it, such as turn it into condominiums, which is what has happened to similar old buildings in the Grove in the past, despite violations of State parking laws. (RSIS).

Now we learn that the Aurora was sold in February, 2018, to a mysterious developer called “Old Forge at Ocean Grove, LLC.”  This LLC name was registered in New Jersey on Jan 9, 2018.

Shouldn’t Neptune discover the principals of this LLC?  What if there is someone involved who has a conflict of interest, such as a member of the Planning Board?

And the same applies to the secretive WAVE, the re-developer at the North End where some action on that plan is supposed to be brewing.

There is an application regarding the Aurora pending at Neptune Township, but no hearing has been scheduled yet.  The developer wants to convert the existing building into 4 individual residential units  (presumably luxury condos for sale.)

If we can learn from history, the Planning Board or Board of Adjustment will give permission for this, even though the property does not have enough off-street parking, and such a conversion would create even more congestion on Atlantic Avenue. In addition what about preserving the exterior appearance of that historic structure?

Why in the world would such a buyer purchase that building unless they were reassured, in advance, that a condo conversion would be approved, or they have an escape clause pending approval or not?

God only knows what will happen.  This is crooked Ocean Grove.

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