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Set times have been announced for the first Sea.Hear.Now festival, taking place Sept. 29-30 on the beach and in Bradley Park in Asbury Park. Jack Johnson, Incubus, Ben Harper, Brandi Carlile, Blondie and Social Distortion will be among the acts performing on three stages.

Other attractions will include surfing contests and demonstrations, yoga, food trucks, and a pop-up gallery featuring artwork by some of the musicians performing at the festival (including Brandon Boyd of Incubus, Ian O’Neill of Deer Tick, and Nicole Atkins).

20,000 people are expected each day, and the noise will persist into the evening on both days.

It’s interesting that this private extravaganza will shut down a large swath of north A. Park to the public.  I was down there late Friday, and the security and restrictions are reminiscent of a third world country.

Why should this event close down large portions of the public’s beach, boardwalk and parks to the public unless admission tickets (wrist bands) are purchased?   Where is the precedent for this at the Jersey Shore, and right in Ocean Grove’s backyard?

What happened to the civil liberties of all who don’t attend but who live around here?  You can be sure that there will be gridlock parking in OG.  When they have huge events in Central Park, such as Shakespeare in the Park, it is usually free except for rare benefits.

Anyone can photograph in Central Park, but at this Asbury festival they will not allow Blogfinger to photograph despite our press credentials.  As of Friday, all press credentials are being denied.  Freedom of the press on public property??  They do not want any professional photographers at the events.

Most of the people attending will be from out of town. There will be congestion in small areas.      Many hotels in the region extending to Staten Island and Brooklyn are already sold out.  This event has tied up the entire area, and to what end?  Who benefits?  Who gets the huge amount of money to be generated?  Will some drop into the coffers of the City of Asbury park to benefit the citizens, the tax payers, the poor, the homeless, etc?

And what about the impact on the environment including the ocean and Wesley lake?  I bet Bradley, the founder of AP would not approve.   And Stokes would jump out of his chair.

Why is AP allowing and encouraging this?  What is really the point of it?   In 2012 they allowed Bamboozle, and that was a failure.


Why not move this thing to California–they have lots of space there.   Somebody tell them the way to San Jose.




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