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On Thursday, at 2 p.m., Beatrice Albano, owner of the house at 35 Embury Avenue, had been ordered to appear in Municipal Court for failing to correct a list of maintenance violations. Albano, who lives in Brooklyn, NY, didn’t show. Township Attorney Gene Anthony wanted Judge Robin Wernik to issue a warrant for Albano’s arrest, but Judge Wernik decided to set another court date and give the defendant another chance to appear. Anthony contended that this was the second time this defendant had failed to answer a summons regarding this property. Wernik said it was only the first time.

A Township inspector has found Albano’s unoccupied property to be replete with wood rot, lack of paint and broken and missing siding, among other problems. A couple of neighbors have told Blogfinger they think the building may be beyond saving. It is in a prime location, in the second block from the ocean.

— Charles Layton

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