Freddie Paris (on top) with the Five Satins. Vintage 1950's

Freddie Parris (on top) with the Five Satins. Vintage 1950’s.   

Reposted from June, 2013.   We don’t get to report about Doo Wop music any longer, so here is a very special report/interview  regarding a remarkable and famous rock and roller who loved coming back to the Great Auditorium

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

We have to get one thing out of the way —there are only four Satins now, but they will be in the Great Auditorium for the Doo Wop extavaganza on June 22, 2013.and it is going to be a wonderful show.

I spoke by phone tonight with Freddie Parris, the lead singer and the guy who wrote one of the all-time best rock and roll songs ever—“In the Still of the Night.” That song is a classic story of a boy and a girl out together, a night in May, under the stars , hugging and hoping it all never ends.

But as simple as the story is, there is the marvelous and unforgettable musical composite of harmonies, rhythms, falsettos, shooby doos, Freddie Parris’s long notes, and a memorable tenor sax solo in the middle. All of that comes together into a mega-hit that never declines in popularity.

Freddie Parris, more recently. Lookin' good.

Freddie Parris, more recently. Lookin’ good.

Freddie has been performing his all-time-favorite song for about fifty years and he never gets tired of it. He wrote the song in Philadelphia while he was on leave from the Air Force. His inspiration was a girl friend who later left him, but her memory lives on in this song. Later he recorded “In the Still of the Night” with some friends in the basement of St. Bernadette’s Church in New Haven.

Over the years, the Five Satins have changed personnel and styles. In 1975, they took on a disco sound and became “Black Satin,” but later they returned to their roots.

Freddie Parris and the Five Satins have been performing all these years and they have played all kinds of music. In 1969 they were part of what was the first major “Oldies But Goodies” concert when they appeared on the same bill as the Coasters, the Comets, and Gary US Bonds.

He acknowledges that most of the original Doo Wop group members have passed on and that the current performers are mostly younger substitutes. We talked about how so many of these groups have changed their presentation with some developing Vegas style flashy acts and others finding new ways to present dated material.

An example is Barbara Harris and the Toys, who will be here on the 22nd.  She does a wonderful take-off on the girl groups of the ’50’s and ’60’s. Then there are the “tribute bands” which imitate huge stars like the Beatles and the Stones.

Freddie thinks that the Doo Wop phenomenon will eventually fade as did the big band era which was predicted to last forever. But meanwhile Freddie and the Five (oops four) Satins will continue to do their show. He always looks forward to these concerts where he gets to reunite with old friends like the remaining Drifters.

Freddie and the Satins have been featured several times before in the Great Auditorium of Ocean Grove, NJ, , and Freddie calls it a “wonderful and unique venue.” He loves the acoustics, the building and our historic town.

On June 22, The Five Satins will be arriving here with four Satins and a five piece band. He and Richie Freeman are original members of the group. Freddie is 77 years old, and he admits to slowing down somewhat, but he continues to travel and perform with his bandmates, one of whom is a woman. He loves the addition of that female voice, and it really helps with the high notes, especially the one at the end of “In the Still of the Night.”

The Five Satins are no one-hit wonders. They have recorded and hit the charts with many winners over the years, and we will hear some of them at the concert. Freddie hasn’t yet determined the program for his Ocean Grove segment, but he says that “every song has its place.” Meanwhile his motto seems to be, “Let the good times roll.”

That night we will also hear John Kuse and the Excellents, The Brooklyn Bridge, and Barbara Harris and the Toys. Hosting will be 101.5’s Big Joe Henry. Tickets are $35.00 reserved and $30.00 General Admission. Order online at http://www.oceangrove.org or by phone at 800 590 4064.

Good evening ladies and germs. Blogfinger presents Freddie Parris and the Five Satins with “In the Still of the Night” A great song like this is recognizable after one bar, so grab your significant lover, I mean other, because this is the ultimate slow dance.

Here’s the link to the BF article about the Excellents and “Coney Island Baby.”

The Excellents

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This is an important article from September 2018 about the historic North End of Ocean Grove. Lately this BF post has been linked on a number of occasions, so, given the recent flurry of North End talk by the Township, OGNED, and the CMA, let’s re-post it for some historical perspective.

Just click on Blogfinger below this paragraph. —Paul @Blogfinger


Rev. W.B. Osborn was the founder of Ocean Grove. This bio was written by his wife. Let’s see if she writes about a commercial North End.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfnger

Speaking at the Home Groaners meeting on August 6, 2018, CMA President Michael Badger said, ” The maps of Ocean Grove from the 1880’s contained a plan for the North End hotel and it will be excellent to have the founders’ vision fulfilled again,” 

This quote is from the Coaster which reported on that meeting.

Here is a  CMA map from  about 1879 when Stokes and other founders were in charge, so you know that it is very early:

Ocean Grove from about 1879.  Map commissioned by Dr. Stokes, President of the CMA.  Click on map for details. North End has 26 lots for single family homes. See Jack Bredin’s comment below about this map.

Ocean_Grove_1889 Ocean Grove 1889.  You…

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“Tents at Nighttime.”   A lovely painting by Theresa Troise Heidel, New Jersey water-colorist. Re-post from last spring.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

Theresa Troise Heidel is a New Jersey water color artist who has done many paintings at  the Jersey Shore, including Asbury Park and Ocean Grove. As a youngster, she got to stay for awhile at a family friend’s tent.  Her parents “sang in the Great Auditorium.”

She was enchanted by the tents. She said, “There was something magical about the way the rain sounded pattering the canvas above me, not to mention the aroma of fresh coffee being perked—-such atmosphere.”

About the painting of the tents at night, she said, “I invented the night life look.”

The Jersey Shore article featured a well-done story about several of the OG tent interiors which the writer got to visit.

But this magazine, in its index section where brief profiles of Jersey Shore towns are posted, we find that once again the media got it wrong about Ocean Grove.  They portray the Grove as a summer religious enclave where the main aspects consist of the Camp Meeting Association, the Tent Village, and the Great Auditorium.

The article extols the Hope-Jones organ;  “spiritual birth, growth and renewal;”  “worship;”  “praise events,”  “the world’s greatest preachers on Sunday;” and “God’s Square Mile.”

And  again, there is little  recognition that our town is  a diverse place where a wide variety of people live, play and enjoy life. Is it too much to hope for that the media might actually open their eyes and look beyond the religious trappings  and stereotypes and recognize a town with many secular and historic aspects as well as evolving demographics?

Certainly the religious underpinnings of OG  are real and admirable, but other dimensions need to be recognized.

The last writer to successfully address these aspects was Ted David in his 2002 book “The Other Side of Ocean Grove”

At Blogfinger we make it one of our main themes  to portray our town and its lifestyles  as they  really are.

The song below performed by Beverly Kenny captures the feel of this town.




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“The Harry Eichhorn Pavilion” by Jack Bredin. January, 2019. Photograph by Rob Bredin ©  Click to enlarge.


BILL EVANS  (piano)  and CANNONBALL ADDERLEY (sax).   “Waltz for Debbie.”

*Harry Eichhorn is an iconic figure in Ocean Grove representing the musical side of this town with its long musical heritage. There is a plaque on the Pavilion honoring Harry Eichhorn for his many years of conducting the Summer Band.  You can use the search box at the top right of this page and type in his name.  And, incidentally, Harry will turn 92 on January 29.

Editor’s note:  Once again artist Jack Bredin of Ocean Grove creates a personal vision of an Ocean Grove view.  His body of work is unique, as he redefines how we see our town.  There was a time in 2007 when this Boardwalk Pavilion became a symbol of controversy where factions in the Grove clashed in an un-neighborly way.

But Jack Bredin sees something much different when he looks at the Pavilion.  He sees summer band concerts, gospel services with inspiring music, children running around, a place to rest on a hot day, and a historic landmark which is part of a larger and most beautiful scene as seen in this painting.  So that is why he doesn’t simply call this work “Boardwalk Pavilion.”

Instead, by naming this work “The Harry Eichhorn* Pavilion” he reminds us to look at our town with a broad stroke and to see it in all its diversity and beauty.

–Paul Goldfinger,  Editor @Blogfinger

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YETI coffee mug with magnet slider top and pop-off lid. There is a gasket within the lid.  Blogfinger photograph

By Paul Goldfinger,MD   Editor @Blogfinger.net

The Internet is full of this sort of “come-on” subject matter.  Almost always, I regret if I click on any of those since they usually are a form of scam designed to attract one’s lascivious side and lure one into some sort of commercial web. The headline above is not mine–Eileen discovered it while patrolling the Internet.

But this time Eileen clicked on that headline and found herself watching a You Tube by a chiropractor who claimed that a contaminated coffee mug nearly killed his patient.

As an “evidence based” doctor, I tend to ignore medical anecdotes, but this particular story peaked my interest since I always drink my coffee from a stainless steel mug that keeps it hot for hours.  My favorite is the Tiger but we also have a few Yeti coffee mugs which have become very popular.

Today I walked into my favorite coffee shop in Ft. Myers and noticed that the 8 am rush was inhabited mostly  by older grey heads  (“Q tips” and me) and almost everyone was carrying such a mug.

In my case, I always rinse the mug after each use and I sometimes give it a serious cleaning which means taking it apart, removing the gaskets and washing those.

But I was alarmed by this case report.  A patient had been suffering from serious infections that could not be cured. The doctor noticed his coffee mug, a YETI, and took it apart.  The man had never done a serious cleaning, and the doc found a horrid collection of bacteria/mold under the gaskets.  Cleaning the mug cured the life threatening medical problem.

Regardless of the validity of the clinical report, which I must admit worried me, who wants to be drinking from a cup that harbors a garden variety of disgusting bacterial infestations?  So this YouTube should impress anyone who uses such a mug.  Rinsing is not enough, because the bacteria live beneath the rubber gaskets and in the crevices.

The more complex the working of the mug, the more difficult it is to clean, but you must do the cleaning, and a dishwasher is not good enough.  The YETI has only one gasket, so that’s good, but the magnetic slider on top must be removed—–It’s easy.  That had the worst infestation as reported by the You Tube chiropractor.

I did an autopsy on my mug and found out how much cleaning was required. Blogfinger photo of a Tiger mug–my favorite.

You can scrub with mild dish soap and hot water, but then rinse well before re-assembling or your coffee might taste like Palmolive.  Use a bottle brush for the mug interior  (Oxo makes a terrific one) and you might need a stiffer dish brush for behind those gaskets  (also Oxo).  Inspect the parts carefully after cleaning to look for residual deposits.

And while am on the subject of oral hygiene, there is good reason to believe that poor oral hygiene can promote cardiovascular disease.  This is from the Harvard medical magazine for lay people:

“it’s been one of the more surprising observations in recent years: study after study has shown that people who have poor oral health (such as gum disease or tooth loss) have higher rates of cardiovascular problems such as heart attack or stroke than people with good oral health.”

Paying attention to oral health includes brushing, regular cleaning, gingivitis treatment, flossing and mouthwash.  In fact, some years ago the use of a Listerine sort of mouthwash was promoted as a heart attack preventive.

However, there has been some recent concern that mouthwash might actually increase the risk of heart disease.  In our book we recommended the use of Listerine along with other oral measures, but, as noted now, that is problematic.

There is a fairly extensive literature about the significance of bacteria in the mouth.  This mention here on Blogfinger is not meant to be a comprehensive discussion.    Ask your doctor, or, if he is not available, ask the physician assistant.

SOUL REBELS BRASS BAND AND JOHN MOONEY     From the HBO series Treme  Season 1.

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HealthPark Medical Center on the left, and Golisano Children’s’ Hospital on the right. Fort Myers, Fla.  Paul Goldfinger photograph Jan. 2019.

Entrance to the general hospital. Paul Goldfinger photograph. © Jan 2019.

By Paul Goldfinger, MD.  Editor @Blogfinger.net

20 years ago, Lee Health, Ft.Myers, Florida, obtained 400 acres of land from farmers who were growing gladiolus bulbs near a new highway in south Ft. Myers.   Over the years they created an incredible sprawling park-like campus devoted to healthcare. It is called HealthPark.

This is an amazingly  beautiful setting with wonderfully designed buildings devoted not only to a magnificent children’s’ hospital but a general hospital rated as one of the best in the country for cardiovascular and intensive care.  They are also rated high in a number of other clinical disciplines as well.

There are specialized buildings spread out over the park, lovingly created in pastel colors, with incredible landscaping and understated parking for such fields as dermatology, pulmonary, sleep, gynecology, imaging, labs, internal medicine offices, and other disciplines. It is the most inviting health facility I have ever seen.

HealthPark is an extraordinary campus with golf carts buzzing around carrying visitors to and from the parking areas and the hospital . Access is safe and easy.  It is the ultimate in one stop shopping for medical care.

We visited a patient there in the general hospital (HealthPark Medical Center.)  The facility was spotless and magnificent inside where they have created what looks like a bird sanctuary that you walk through as you enter the sci-fi lobby with 3 glass elevators humming up and down.

In case you don’t know what maternity means, this sign makes sure that you don’t go for a colonoscopy.  Blogfinger photo.

They also specialize in obstetrics, and every time a baby is born they ring a bell, and the bell rang often while we were there.  Our friend was on the top floor in a private room, with large windows where you can look out onto a lake.

HealthPark was named the fifth most beautiful healthcare facility in America.

It’s too bad Meridian didn’t go that route years ago to build from scratch a large campus on Rt. 66 instead of the mishmash which was created in Neptune.

DEAN MARTIN with a song for the anesthesia department:

(From his album  Pretty Baby)

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We the people need representative government in Ocean Grove and not dangerous and impotent single party rule.



In a press release, the Neptune Republican Club and Neptune Republican Victory Committee are now announcing that persons interested in receiving the Republican Organization’s endorsement as candidates for Neptune Township Committee can apply at this time.

Those who are interested are invited to submit a letter of interest with a resume by Feb. 22, 2019 to:

James Granelli, Chairman, PO Box 591,Neptune 07754

Kevin Sheehan, Vice-Chairman, 215 Lakewood Road, Neptune 07753 or to

Jeffrey Beekman, Treasurer, 47 Main Avenue, Ocean Grove 07756

Candidates should include their name, address, and contact info. with the letter of interest.


Editor’s Note:  January 24, 2019

The Neptune Township Committee remains locked in a vise-like single party grip by 5 Democrats who speak with one voice and who are disdainful of the residents of Ocean Grove.

It is time for a change. Single party rule has failed the OG Community and currently is endangering our town’s future through their indifference and their policies.  You are all aware of the issues and the lack of transparency by these un-democratic bullies.

The five Committee slots are filled using a staggered election system. The terms are three years. A new mayor is chosen yearly by the Committee.

Some have been in office for many years.  One of them, Michael Brantley, was on the Committee when the 2008 NERP was passed. He was re-elected in 2018.

Kevin McMillan was first elected in 1998; then he lost an election but was re-elected in 2003, so he also was part of the crew that passed the NERP. He was last re-elected in 2017.

Robert Lane, Jr. is the “labor candidate” according to the New Jersey AFL -CIO. He will be up for re-election in 2019.  Eric Houghtaling was also a “labor candidate.”  The unions train people to become candidates for local offices. Houghtaling is now a New Jersey Assemblyman for our district.

Another, Carol Rizzo, is from Ocean Grove and is the current Mayor, but she has made it clear that she represents all of Neptune and not just the Grove.  That is expected, but it is disappointing that she is in lockstep with the rest as when, during the last meeting, she gave an impassioned endorsement of the North End Plan.  So can we expect her to even lean in our direction?   Rizzo was elected in 2016, so she will be up for re-election in 2019.

You may recall Mary Beth Jahn, Democrat, a former resident of the Grove, who had the courage, in the past, as Committeewoman, to say that single family homes are the best zoning decision for the North End.

A change could be good for the rest of Neptune as well. There will be two incumbents running in  the 2019 election:  Lane and Rizzo.

We will have to wait and see if the Repubs can come up with viable candidates for the next election. We have had no luck with recent Republican candidates offering tangible support for Ocean Grove concerns.  Blogfinger had offered them the chance to tell us their opinions about OG issues, but that offer was unheeded.  I have to assume that they know nothing about our issues.

Maybe we could support them if they were to support our views regarding the  residential/historic community of Ocean Grove.

Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

BILLY WARD AND THE DOMINOES:   This Committee’s time is up, and this song describes what the Grove is receiving.   They have had their sixty minutes, and they have failed.   It’s time for some changes.

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The Great Auditorium of Ocean Grove.   Does this look like a town in need of a special redevelopment zone?   Paul Goldfinger photograph.  Click to enlarge.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger.net

The copy below is from the “NJ Statutes for Counties and Municipalities,” section 40A:12A-5: Determination of need for redevelopment:

As many of you know, the way that the CMA, WAVE, and Neptune Township were able to bury the single family zoning for the North End of Ocean Grove was to fraudulently declare the property an “area in need of redevelopment.”

That is how they justified turning that property into a commercial zone.  That is how they were able to grant permission for condominiums, an underground garage, retail, restaurants, etc.

All of this is contrary to the goals of Ocean Grove’s Master Plan which stressed the residential /historic nature of the town.

Currently the latest  consortium of big shots in town will push hard to begin a revised version of that project.

It’s not clear from the gobbledygook that they are putting  out lately, that the changes which they are now happily  promoting will avoid complications such as environmental damage, congestion, worsened parking distress, and further deterioration of quality of life for residents.  Nor is it clear that those changes are legal and proper according to land use laws in New Jersey.  We think not, on both counts.

If you are curious about what went down in 2008, read this to see what the State had in mind for “areas in need of redevelopment.”

40A:12A-5   Determination of need for redevelopment:

5.A delineated area may be determined to be in need of redevelopment if, after investigation, notice and hearing as provided in section 6 of P.L.1992, c.79 (C.40A:12A-6), the governing body of the municipality by resolution concludes that within the delineated area any of the following conditions is found:

a.  The generality of buildings are substandard, unsafe, unsanitary, dilapidated, or obsolescent, or possess any of such characteristics, or are so lacking in light, air, or space, as to be conducive to unwholesome living or working conditions.

b.  The discontinuance of the use of buildings previously used for commercial, manufacturing, or industrial purposes; the abandonment of such buildings; or the same being allowed to fall into so great a state of disrepair as to be untenable.

c.  Land that is owned by the municipality, the county, a local housing authority, redevelopment agency or redevelopment entity, or unimproved vacant land that has remained so for a period of ten years prior to adoption of the resolution, and that by reason of its location, remoteness, lack of means of access to developed sections or portions of the municipality, or topography, or nature of the soil, is not likely to be developed through the instrumentality of private capital.

d.   Areas with buildings or improvements which, by reason of dilapidation, obsolescence, overcrowding, faulty arrangement or design, lack of ventilation, light and sanitary facilities, excessive land coverage, deleterious land use or obsolete layout, or any combination of these or other factors, are detrimental to the safety, health, morals, or welfare of the community.

e.   A growing lack or total lack of proper utilization of areas caused by the condition of the title, diverse ownership of the real property therein or other conditions, resulting in a stagnant or not fully productive condition of land potentially useful and valuable for contributing to and serving the public health, safety and welfare.

f.  Areas, in excess of five contiguous acres, whereon buildings or improvements have been destroyed, consumed by fire, demolished or altered by the action of storm, fire, cyclone, tornado, earthquake or other casualty in such a way that the aggregate assessed value of the area has been materially depreciated.

g.   In any municipality in which an enterprise zone has been designated pursuant to the “New Jersey Urban Enterprise Zones Act,” P.L.1983, c.303 (C.52:27H-60 et seq.) etc.

h.   The designation of the delineated area is consistent with smart growth planning principles adopted pursuant to law or regulation.

L.1992,c.79,s.5; amended 2003, c.125, s.3.

SIMON AND GARFUNKEL:  “So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright.”

“So long, Frank Lloyd Wright
I can’t believe your song is gone so soon
I barely learned the tune
So soon
So soon.”

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View of the Delaware Water Gap from John and Jean's property. By Paul Goldfinger ©

View of the Delaware Water Gap from John and Jean’s property. By Paul Goldfinger ©  Click  to see “simple gifts.”

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

Our old friends John and Jean live in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.   Their home is in Scotrun where, if you look at the sign quickly, you see “scrotum.”  I don’t know why, but that always makes me laugh.

They are up on 16 acres from where they can see the Delaware Water Gap. We have shown photos of their property  and their dogs on Blogfinger over the years.  When it’s winter up there, things can get difficult traveling on the historic road that winds uphill to their beautiful home, built  in the ’30’s and designed to be strong and to fit into that landscape. You drive past fields, woods, farms and a big old red barn.

John in their gorgeous kitchen. He has some specialties, including breakfast and leg of lamb for dinner. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

John in their  kitchen. He has some specialties, including breakfast and leg of lamb for dinner. Paul Goldfinger photo ©

John is a fabulous cook as well as a hunter, a gun collector and a raconteur .  He invented the Okeefenokie nickname for the Poconos and he specializes in training German Short-hair hunting dogs.   Jeanie is a nurse and a medical innovator  who co-founded with me  the first freestanding pacemaker clinic  in Morris County at Dover General Medical Center.  She then went on to co-found the first pulmonary rehab center in the area.  Jean is an opera/music buff and a clog dancer.

 John and Jean have visited Ocean Grove many times. She  likes to go to classical concerts and church services in the Great Auditorium.  He discusses food and cooking with Eileen. He likes to sleep in our 3rd floor bedroom in the summer where he cranks up the ac until it is “as cold as a meat locker.”

John and Jean Wiarda in Ocean Grove. By Paul Goldfinger ©

John and Jean  in Ocean Grove. By Paul Goldfinger ©

Jean sent us a note today describing her emergence from hibernation.  It’s a lovely piece of writing—I can see her sitting there, looking out over her woods and fields—gazing at the Gap.

“I just came in from outdoors – the FIRST morning I have been able to sit outside with Dotzie and my coffee in weeks, probably months.  The little porch outside the front door faces directly into the early morning sun and captures the warmth and holds it there in a little pocket formed by the shape of the building.  It was glorious – I had to wear my visor and eventually had to remove my fleece coat.  Hallelujah!!!

“Of course, this reprieve is going to be short lived – the polar vortex is coming back this coming week but . . . whatever.  At least we are having this little break.  Also, some of the snow on the roof is disappearing which is a relief!”

AARON COPELAND      “Simple Gifts”–an excerpt from Appalachian Springs.

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A worthwhile re-read since the original post from last July. Please read it now. Paul @Blogfinger.net.

Please click on the word “BLOGFINGER below:


Bradley Beach. Paul Goldfinger photograph. 2017. ©

img_3678 Uncrowded Bradley Beach 2017. Paul Goldfinger photograph. ©

By Paul Goldfinger,  Editor @Blogfinger.net

T.J. Coan is a Bradley Beach patriot.  He and other residents were unhappy that the giant Lobster Festival, scheduled for June 23-25, would make their town unlivable due to the crowds, merchants, and cars.  As it were, the summer weekends create some crowding in a town like BB, but at least it is mostly of the home-grown variety with families and their guests coming to the beach for a great time.

The Festival would have brought about 70,000 people to BB added to the town-generated 30,000.  We spoke to T.J. last March about this issue and how it relates to Ocean Grove.  Below is the link.

Bradley Beach residents fight gridlock

Bradley Beach, a larger town than OG usually has only one mega-event, The Lobster Festival,  and it doesn’t bring…

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