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By Paul Goldfinger Editor @Blogfinger

Lake cleanup.  By Joanne L Papaianni:  (Article in the Qoaster, an Asbury Park newspaper)

“Lake cleanup by groups of volunteers at three Asbury Park lakes yielded many surprises...”

One of those lakes was Wesley Lake, but nowhere in the article was there any recognition that Wesley Lake borders on Ocean Grove.

The public relations juggernaut with its fake top ten lists from Asbury Park is operating at full speed as they overplay the virtues of that town, while finding little to extol in the Grove except free parking.  The press likes to portray the Grove as a playground for the religious right. That is a false characterization, and such inaccurate stereotyping can adversely affect our image.  We must pay attention when others define us and get us wrong.

Why is it important to pay attention to such a small detail?  Because it is the tip of the iceberg. We need to maintain our identity as a  famous historic town with much to admire, because that fame is the basis of recognition which we need, not so much to attract tourists,  but to have influence as we pursue various goals in our town such as FEMA approval after Sandy or DEP attention for Wesley Lake.

Being ignored is not good for our image and our reputation.  Remember, there are those who refer to our town as “magical” but only in Blogfinger would one find that adjective.

When FEMA was trying to decide about supporting Ocean Grove’s bid to get boardwalk financing, the Asbury Park Council voted not to support our application.  That was a disgrace and was wrong of them to diminish and dismiss us.   But it could have adversely affected our public image. Only Blogfinger exposed them as the mean spirited bullies of the neighborhood, and they reversed their decision later after we went public  and our story was read in 1500 hits each day.

We need to stand tall and to berate the media and the Neptune  government whenever they fail to recognize us as they should. We must promote our town and reject being disrespected, as in  the  Qoaster, a weekly paper written by Qoastericans. (Not to be confused with Costa Ricans)

The Qoaster may view this as a petty criticism, but it is part of a trend and it is not the first time that the Qoaster has turned its back on us.   And the TriCity News, fuhgettaboutit. OG is invisible to those biased exclusionary  losers.

Here is an example of harmful nonsense published  in 2016 by the Qoaster.  And following that is another from 2015.  Errors and bias in the media can be damaging  to our town, our respectability, and our home prices.

Coaster prints dangerous letter

Erroneous Coaster report about OG 2015


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