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This extraordinary photo is by Tracey James, staff photographer  @Blogfinger.   In an email to BF she says, “I’m sure you saw the mass of Monarch butterflies that were making their migration through our area today. Many of them stopped in my yard to enjoy a snack in my hanging baskets. I was fortunate enough to have my 105mm lens attached to my camera and I got a few wonderful shots. Hope you enjoy !!”

Monarch butterfly. By Tracey James. Ocean Grove, New Jersey

Soundtrack:  Grady Tate with “Poor Butterfly.”

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Rose-breasted grosbeak in Ocean Grove.   PG photo

By Eileen and Paul Goldfinger

We’ve been watching backyard birds for many years. We used to live in a semi-rural area in Morris County where there was a large variety of birds to feed and watch. We didn’t think that we would have much luck in OG, but we have seen quite a few interesting birds here. Today, however, we saw a species that we have never seen. We looked into our backyard, and at our feeders were two pair of rose-breasted grosbeaks. The male is black with a startling splash of red in front. They are about 7 inches long. The female is  a light tan with white stripes. She is smaller and doesn’t look anything like her male counterpart. These birds are found in Canada and across the US, but they are uncommon in backyards.

Something weird was happening today: we also saw four grey catbirds and one male rufous towhee. We also heard a report that someone in a nearby town also spotted the grosbeaks.

rufus towhee (internet photo)

Let us know if you see any unusual birds in town. Maybe there is something special going on in the bird world. We also heard that there is a vast migration of Admiral butterflies in the area. They are heading north.

Admiral butterfly. Migration currently in progress. Internet photo

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