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Location: Home Depot in Neptune

Customer:  I would like to buy a yard stick

Sales person:  We only have the 3 foot size.

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Location:  Wegmans,  Thursday morning,  November 8.

An African-American boy, about age 12, is walking with an older white man, about age 60, who is carrying a cup of coffee.

Boy:  “Do you like it if I call you “Poppy?”

Man:  “That’s fine.”

Boy: “As long as I don’t call you Bob….”


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Scene: Wegman’s checkout counter “7 items or fewer”

Checker (an older woman): What’s in the bag?

Man (senior citizen): One bagel.

Checker: Do you want cash back?

Man: No thanks.

Checker: OK. Now I can hit the final button.

Man: I’m old. Can you give it another name?


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