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By Paul Goldfinger

At 4 a.m. Sunday, July 24, an intruder entered a home on Mt. Hermon Way in the vicinity of Delaware Avenue. One occupant was asleep on the first floor while another was asleep in a bedroom on the second floor.  The intruder evidently was able to make his way upstairs and enter the second floor bedroom without being heard.  The person in the bedroom awoke to find a man, with his back to her,  going through her dresser drawers.  She screamed, and he ran away.  Later the back door was found to be ajar.  He evidently escaped via the alley and then out to Mt. Hermon Way.

The intruder was a Caucasian male wearing a white T shirt and a cap.  He said nothing to the homeowner. He was successful in stealing money from a purse and a wallet downstairs. He also stole an iPod. He obtained an estimated $400.00 in cash.  The owner awoke the other occupant, but the intruder had already vanished.  The occupants called 911, and  the police arrived “within seconds” in multiple vehicles and carrying shotguns.

The police advised the homeowner to always lock her back door. We obtained this information from the homeowner who was still “shaking” four hours later.  A call had been made to the police about four hours prior to the break-in regarding a car alarm which had gone off about half a block away.

A similar crime had occurred recently in a home only one block away from this one.

UPDATE: On Sunday evening the NPD notified the Ocean Grove Neighborhood Watch coordinators of the crime via email. The email said the thief appears to have entered an unlocked door at the rear of the house. “I know that due to the excessive heat many people leave windows and doors open,” Officer Michael Adam wrote. “If at all possible close your first floor windows and doors overnight and keep them locked. As always, report all suspicious activity to the police immediately.”

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