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This video is submitted by our New York correspondent, Stephen Goldfinger, who was out walking his dog earlier today at sunset.  He said, “It was the perfect nuance for  early sunset Central Park.” The wonderful Chinese duet was contributing to a fine mood and a relatively warm day when the banjo player had a coughing fit, and Blogfinger had to get out the digital editing scissors, so excuse the abrupt ending to a fine concert.

It’s too bad some ballroom dancers weren’t around.  This would be a piece of cake in the multi-cultural Big Apple. After all Vince Giordano says, “Dance whenever you can.  Life is short; we’re growing older.”

Here’s Grammy winner Vince Giordano with the Nighthawks courtesy of OG’s Fred Ohleth.

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DEL-VIKINGS.    Where’s Ralph going next time?

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By Moe Demby, Blogfinger staff:


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Asbury boards.  5;30 AP at 5:30 pm last Sunday.   Paul Goldfinger photo and video  ©

Asbury boards at 5:30 pm last Sunday. Paul Goldfinger photo and video ©

This past Sunday, late in the afternoon,  we were on the Asbury boards where it was happening.  There were musicians, photo shoots, busy restaurants, kids in the playground, bikers, and quite a few people walking the boardwalk—all kinds of people. We stopped at Days, walked on, and made a U turn near  Convention Hall.  People watching is really good in Asbury.   The place has a happy feel.  It wasn’t noisy, but there was a quiet cacophony due to all the board walkers.  I could have done without the guy playing drums.

By the time we went through the Casino back to the Grove, dusk was settling in, and the sun was beginning to set.  At  6:00 pm we were at the Pavilion.

It was striking how different the two towns were at around the same time.  Asbury seemed more alive, like the Jersey Shore towns I experienced as a kid. But Asbury is not Seaside Heights or Pt. Pleasant, and it is  the differences from town to town  that make the Jersey Shore so fascinating.

These two shore  towns  (OG and AP) are both wonderful in their own ways, but so different.  I think they complement each other.  We are fortunate to be able to go so easily from one to the other. It’s almost like magic.

On the OG side, there were much fewer people,  and the most striking difference was in the relative quiet on the OG boards.  A woman walked by and said to her friend, “Look at the pier. It’s amazing.”   But she was gone before I knew what was so amazing. The sound of her voice stuck out. There was some soft recorded music playing in the Pavilion. A few people were inside chatting.

Then I became aware of the bells. Those bells seem so peaceful and comforting unlike the sound of drums and an electric guitar over in Asbury.

Here is a sampling of the sounds in the Grove at 6:00 pm last Sunday at dusk.

ALY and A.J.

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By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

Saul and Lynn Goodman, visitors to the Grove on Saturday, June 28, are not your typical tourists.  They are a professional guitar and fiddle duo from Pipersville, Pennsylvania.  Their specialty is ethnic music including cajun, celtic and gypsy. They have a special interest in gypsy music from Eastern Europe,  such as from the Ukraine.  It is a fairly exotic specialty.

I stepped out on my porch and heard music by what I thought might have been a bluegrass radio station. But soon I realized that the music was coming from the park and that it was being performed live.

Walking over to the eastern edge of Firemen’s Park, I saw two musicians in the gazebo playing guitar  (Saul) and violin (Lynn.)  A few people had gathered around to listen. I thought their music was wonderful and so different from what we might ordinarily hear in this musical town.

When Saul mentioned Eastern European gypsy music, I thought of Django Reinhardt, the gypsy guitarist,  whose music we often play on Blogfinger.  And I also thought of the Woody Allen movie with Sean Penn called “Sweet and Lowdown.” It is one of the best outputs by both Penn and Allen.  Penn plays a guitarist who is obsessed with Reinhardt whose music he could never surpass.

Here is a video of Lynn and Saul playing a Celtic tune called Fairy Queen  by a famous 17th century Irish  composer  O’Carolan.

Thank you Lynn and Saul for a real treat. Sorry for the abrupt ending.  The piece ended a few moments later.

Once you begin playing the video,  If you put your cursor over the video, you will see small arrows in the lower right corner.  Choose the upwards arrow to make the video much bigger.



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Ocean Grove beach video clip by Moe Demby.  October, 2013. ©


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Video at 8:00 p.m. Saturday night, June 29, 2013 at Nagles, corner Main and Central. Paul Goldfinger video clip “Feelin’ the Grove.” Win a prize from the Smuggler. Be the first to explain the title of this post.

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By Paul Goldfinger

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Cowgirls at the flea market. Still photos by Paul Goldfinger.  Left click for large view. Then back arrow.

Rain in the morning. People ran for cover or just kept shopping.

There were no giant fleas at the Ocean Grove Giant Flea Market, but there was darn near everything else. The Chamber of Commerce reports that 370 vendors were on Ocean Pathway Saturday, which is about as usual for this event. Every available space was filled.

The Chamber and the vendors got lucky on the weather. A threatening rain moved in during the morning, but it quickly stopped and things turned out fine. The wind was blustery, but not in a bad way. A few people had their hats blown off.

To show what it was like, here is a Blogfinger video. — CL

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Blogfinger attends a street fair on West 46th Street in NYC.

The band: Baby Soda Jazz Band (Baby Soda Jazz Band) pioneers in “street jazz.”  They are great!

The venue: The street was closed for music and food from around the world. We like the crowds.

The best dancer: Blogfinger had a tough decision, but we picked the guy (blue shirt,  black socks, #1) jitterbugging with the girl (the one with the little tan mini) who came in second.      —Paul Goldfinger reporting live from the Big Apple.

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